Ancient Corinth Greece

Ancient Corinth Greece The city of Ancient Corinth Greece  was first inhabited in the Neolithic period (6500-3250 B.C.). It is located at the northern base of the hill of Acrocorinth. Its strategic location at the intersection of land routes from the Balkan peninsula  and mainland Greece on towards the Peloponnese and waterways that connect the

Paros Island Greece

Paros Island Greece Paros is a Greek island  in the Aegean sea  and belongs to the Cyclades islands complex. It’s distance from  Piraeus port of Athens is 93 miles. During the antiquity , Paros Island Greece was colonized by Arcadians and Ionians. In the first Greek-Persian  War ( 490 B.C.)  was sided with the Persians. As 

Nafplio Greece

Nafplio Greece Nafplio or Nauplia is a town situated on the Argolic gulf  in the northeast Peloponnese, in Greece. The city is a seaport town and has expanded up the hillsides near the north end of the Argolic Gulf. In Classical Antiquity it was known as Nauplia, during the Middle ages and Byzantine period as

Mycenae Greece

Mycenae Greece Mycenae Greece is the archaeological site in Argolis, northeastern Peloponnese. In the 2nd millennium B.C  Mycenae was a center of  Greek civilization and a strong military power. The historic period from 1600 B.C  to 1100 B.C  is called Mycenaean. Mycenae was an acropolis, built on a hill 274 meters above the sea level, having a

Meteora Greece

Meteora Greece The Meteora Greece, located near the town of Kalambaka , is a rock formation that hosts many Orthodox monasteries, each one built on the top of a giant rock. The unique and enormous columns of rock, rise from the ground and they are aprox. 200 meters high. The rocks are composed of sandstone and

Naxos Island Greece

Naxos Island

Naxos Island Greece Naxos Island Greece is the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades complex. It is a short ferry ride away from Paros and cosmopolitan Mykonos island but remains a quiet paradise, ready to be discovered from the nature and culture lovers. According to Greek mythology the young god Zeus was raised